Weekly Notice Board for all activities – 02 August to 06 August 2021

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Staff meetings

Pre-Primary Staff meeting – Monday, 2 August at 2:00.p.m

English Departmental Meeting- Monday, 2 August at 2:30.p.m

Primary Staff Meeting – Tuesday, 3 August at 2:00.p.m

Middle School Staff Meeting – Tuesday, 4 August at 2:30.p.m

Science Department Meeting- Tuesday, 3 August at 3:00.p.m

Departmental Meeting- Mathematics- Wednesday, 4 August at 3:00.p.m

High School Staff Meeting – Thursday, 5 August at 2:00.p.m

Departmental Meeting- Hindi- Thursday, 5 August at 3:00.p.m

Staff Meeting – Friday, 6 August at 2:00.p.m

Computer Science Department Meeting – Friday, 6 August at 3:30.p.m

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