Workshop for Pre primary, Primary and activity teachers

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A teacher training workshop held on 11 September 2023 in the School auditorium, was a significant event aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of Pre primary, Primary, and activity teachers of The Indian School and The Indian School- Second Shift. The workshop underscored the pivotal role of educators and the necessity of continuous professional development.

The workshop commenced with a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, delving into the essential aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and evaluation. The session provided a deep understanding of the definitions, differences, purpose and various teaching styles. It also connected these concepts to Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, offering a holistic perspective on effective teaching.

Participants were briefed on the New National Curriculum Framework and the recent changes therein. This information was vital in ensuring that educators align their teaching methods with the latest educational standards and practices.

A brief session covered significant milestones in education and a discussion on the importance of gender sensitivity in the classroom aimed to create awareness among teachers for fostering an inclusive and gender-balanced learning environment.

The workshop included an engaging team-building game. Six teams were formed, each tasked with creating a story based on three different newspaper images. The results showcased creativity and diversity.

Team 1 crafted a story about a ball on the moon, connecting it to Chandrayaan 3.

Team 2 narrated an adventurous tale featuring characters Rocky and Rani in pursuit of a hidden treasure.

Teams 3 and 5 wove a story related to Janamashtami, cleverly linking it to the G20 Summit.

Team 4 focused on the theme of gender equality in their narrative.

Team 6 explored the challenges of adolescence and the issue of obsession with the fair skin.

A standout feature of the workshop was the integration of real-life insights shared by the audience. These insights were seamlessly woven into the discussion on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This practical approach demonstrated the daily applicability of these concepts, enriching participants’ understanding.

The workshop effectively achieved its objectives by equipping educators with valuable knowledge and skills. It reinforced the profound influence of teachers on their students’ lives and highlighted the importance of continuous professional development. The workshop’s interactive nature, incorporation of real-life experiences, and alignment with contemporary curriculum frameworks made it a valuable and enriching experience for all the participants. It is expected that the insights gained will empower these educators to serve as beacons of enlightenment for future generations.

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