Workshop on IT by Ashoka University for science students

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Students of Science from classes XI and XII attended a workshop in Computer Science to know more about cutting edge technologies.The workshop was organised by the faculty of Ashoka University on 10 August 2020. The resource person was Prof. Ravi Kothari, Head of Department & Professor of Computer Science. Ms Parneet Shergill, Assistant Director of the outreach team at university,

also attended the session.

Prof Kothari began the talk describing how the world of computers had expanded from an algorithm to programming. He

explained the production of vast data through an act as simple as typing!

The session was very interesting as he spoke of the involvement of computer science in every aspect of our lives, including movie making, democratisation of employees, medical facilities and social interactions. He also spoke of the two factors affecting the digital world – Big Data and Parallel run Pipelines that can process data very fast.

It was a thought-provoking workshop where students asked questions about Big Data management and how careers will change with the quick developments in Artificial Intelligence. The students enjoyed the session as it gave them an opportunity to be acquainted first hand with an expert on the field.

Anushka Saxena, 11- A.

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