Workshop on Optics

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Two students of class X, Anush Malik and Gaauresh Paul, accompanied by Ms P. Yogeshwari, physics teacher, attended an optics-based workshop: A Game with Formulas, hosted by BVN-IAPT ANVESHIKA at Birla Vidya Niketan on 3 September, 2022.

Ms Sutapa LahaDe curated the session that focused on the diagrammatic representation of a question and its formulae. She drew ray diagrams on a cartesian plane using graph sheets for different situations of object positions to a mirror or lens. It projected the positions of objects at infinity, beyond the centre of curvature, at the centre of curvature, between focus and the centre, at focus and between pole/optical centre and focus.

The workshop also drew attention to the precision of measurements and laws applied while drawing the ray diagrams. Students learned that one cannot draw diagrams with exact measurements using manual and physical instruments like a pencil, ruler, compass etc.

Another activity showcased how to derive one of the formulas used in optics (R/2 = F) using the laws of reflection and refraction.

The workshop was an enlightening experience that provided conceptual clarity on the formulae rather than just using them blindly.

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