Workshop on Road Safety for class 3

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An online workshop on road safety was organised for the students of class 5 of The Indian School on 31 July 2020. The session was conducted by Mr Sunil Kumar of the Delhi Traffic Police to enable primary level students to understand the importance of following road safety rules.

The talk aimed at spreading awareness amongst school children in an environment of an alarming increase in the number of road accidents involving children every day.
Keeping the age group in mind, the speaker emphasised the category of road users such as- pedestrians, cyclists, bus commuters, pillion riders and co-passengers.

To go for walks is healthy, but one needs to know the thumb rules for pedestrian safety. The speaker shared tips on pedestrian safety and enlightened the young ones on how to make walking a safe and pleasant experience. He explained that one must always walk on the footpath. On roads that are without a footpath, one must walk on the extreme right of the road facing the oncoming traffic.

He further explained that in order to remain safe from the perils of road travel, pedestrians should cultivate the habit of using subways, zebra crossings, foot overbridges, etc., to cross the road. One should avoid taking dangerous short cuts and other improper ways of crossing roads.

Mr Sunil Kumar briefly explained the difference between a safe playground and open spaces used for play. At times, children may not be able to see the approaching danger in the shape of fast-moving vehicles. Absorbed in their play, they may innocently stray into the traffic area e.g. while chasing the ball. He also highlighted the precautions to be taken whilst cycling.

The students benefitted immensely as the session generated in them a better understanding of road safety measures and equipped them to be conscious of how to mitigate road accidents in the future.

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