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We encourage academic rigour and intellectual curiosity.


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English and the second language for all classes up to VIII is Hindi. Sanskrit/ French are a third choice from classes VI to VIII. For a twelve year old school we have shown excellent results in both our Class XII & X Board examinations. A sizeable number qualify for the all India CBSE Merit Award and are subject toppers for the National Capital Region.


Learning to be, learning to know, learning to live, learning to learn.


We have shown extremely good results in both our Class XII and X Board examinations.

Students are made to feel connected to everything that goes on in the world- through projects, curriculum related activities like excursions, workshops, lectures, seminars, films and national and international festivals and anniversaries. Teacher and student workshops are held by eminent subject experts. Counselors and teachers work with parents to guide students identify their capabilities and potential. Classes IX, X, XI and XII are given special counseling. At XI and XII three streams are offered – namely Commerce, Science and Humanities.The Syllabus for Classes I to XII is according to the guidelines laid down by the NCERT. Physical Education and work experience are an essential part of the curriculum. Computer science is compulsory for classes IV to X. Plans are afoot to offer an additional foreign and modern Indian language.

We encourage independence in our students to develop individual interest and be passionate about what they wish to do.

In junior school the curriculum is based on the fundamentals – mathematics, science, language and reasoning – the basics of all learning. No formal examinations are held until class VI. However there is an assessment system based on weekly class assignments and projects.



We are happily adopting the new Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation programme of the CBSE. It has brought out a major and a welcome change in the assessment of classes VI to X. Gone will be role learning and memorization that is to be replaced by emphasis on thinking skills and the continuous growth of students.CCE focuses on the holistic assessment of a learner which includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learner growth with particular reference to attributes such as life skills, attitudes and values, sports and games as well as co-curricular activities. It means interactive teaching, regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, retesting and feedback of evidence to teachers and students for their self evaluation.


Work Experience, Physical and Health Education are part of the syllabus. The new concept of work experience as envisaged by the National policy on Education emphasizes practical work to satisfy the needs of student, the school and the community.


The school at the +2 level offers the following streams:

Group A Group B Group C
Science Commerce Humanities
English English English
Physics Business Studies Political Science
Chemistry Accountancy History/Hindi
Biology / Engineering
Drawing / Physical
Education / Economics
Physical Education/Economics/Computer Science/Fine Arts/Fashion Studies Physical Education/Economics/ Computer Science/Fine Arts/Fashion Studies
Computer Science / Fine
Arts / fashion StudiesMaths/Psychology/Physical Education/Multimedia and Web Technology
Maths/Psychology/Physical Education/Fine ArtsMultimedia and Web Technology Maths/Psychology/Physical Education/Fine Arts/Multimedia and Web Technology