Sanskar Syllabus

Value Education at our School
"Matru devo bhava; Pitru devo bhava; Atithi devo bhava; Acharya devo bhava"

These timeless values of the Upanishads find unspoken embodiment in the code at our School.

The veneration of the Mother and the Father is the veneration of not only our parents, but the veneration of all Creation. We believe it encompasses the respect for all Nature; plants, animals, fellow human-beings, Oneself, the Circle of Life and an unquestioning submission to the rules of nature.

Respect of Oneself is introduced early by first an exercise of Self-Discovery. Each year, the academic year opens with a Self-Discovery Week. Self-Discovery helps identify inherent inclinations early. Thereon, we believe, there is little stopping the carriage of that skill to it's culmination. Thereby the celebration of it.

Similarly, an Environment Week and Malhaar, an inter-school dance and music festival at School herald the arrival of the rain.  The parched landscape is infused and the environment is reassured.

We also take the distinctly prescribed veneration of Mother to convey the equalness of the female gender. Equalness is specially reinforced at Raksha Bandhan when boys and girls are equally encouraged to tie rakhis on each others' wrists. Both are equally egged on to excel in every sphere including sport, drama, leadership, outdoor excursions and self-defense.


Atithi, or the guest at home is also to receive our reverence. We, at School believe that any element that enters our space deserves to be venerated. Besides encouraging guests of diverse enrichments, we also encourage the environment that envelopes us. We lend our humble contribution to make some difference to greening our surroundings, reducing the pollution and cleaning our neighborhoods. We also try and spread the awareness we have, amongst others who share our immediate environment. Students regularly march for the cause of a clean environment along the busy BRT that runs outside our School. The traffic is forced to take notice of the children's' persistence.

Special guests welcomed regularly at School are noted scientists, pioneers, academics, poets, dancers, conservationists, champions of animal-rights, writers, diplomats, lawyers, musicians, historians, IT professionals and many others. Animated exchanges between the guests and the children vastly embellish their agile intellects as they embark to wonder about a yet-undiscovered direction.


Last, but not the least, is the reverence for the Teacher.

We extend this to include the reverence for any value or person that has taught. Anything that has taught, has elevated us permanently and therefore must be venerated. Besides, the pursuit of Excellence is the corollary of that veneration. Standards are set steep and morale and determination are systematically molded into the students to enable their achievement.

At School not only is the Teacher or Acharya offered the veneration, but also the library and literature. Each year, an inseparable part of the curriculum is the Literary Week across the whole School age-appropriately.

Our School has been granted a monument in adoption by Intach and we have enthusiastically accepted accountability for it. A piece of history is thus a piece of our everyday preserve, to draw upon and learn.

Similarly a large inter-school debate competition each year regularly seeks to refresh with themes to provoke piked pitches. Old ideas get consolidated or demolished as new paths are cut. The learning is lovingly leveraged.