Expeditions, Camps and Excursions

Educational excursions also are taken to schools in Paris, the Science Centre at NASA, a workshop at Harvard and MIT and a Science Centre in Japan MIT.


These explorations encourage students to have the confidence to take risks and become leaders. Travel is one of the most effective means of learning. The value of the written word, endorsed by actual images, gets indelibly imprinted in the mind. In pursuance of this methodology, children are also initiated to cope with life skills by being taken to adventure camps where they learn to live in the natural environs and are taught to cope with intensive physical fitness exercises like mountain climbing, rappelling, kayaking and trekking.

The process is initiated from Nursery onward when children are taken on environmental observation. Children from Class II to XII are sent on adventure and forest learning camps as well as historic and heritage sites in and around Delhi and across the country and acquaint them with India’s many-faceted culture. They have also taken excursions to Europe.

Parents are a part of the school’s special initiative called EVENINGS OUT.

We believe that the city of Delhi is now a cultural resource’ in itself and parents help us explore it by accompanying teachers and students to the theatre, concerts, book releases, art exhibition openings and other cultural events.