Book launch by our Principal

On the hot summer evening of 8 June'24, Niyogi Publishers held an engaging book launch for the much-anticipated novel, "Murder in the Jungle," written by Ms Sutapa Basu. The event was graciously hosted by Eureka Bookstore at G.K II, creating a perfect ambience for book enthusiasts, especially young readers eager to delve into the mysteries of the jungle.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the book by Ms Tania Joshi, Principal of our School. Ms Joshi's presence lent gravitas to the occasion, and her insightful conversation with author Ms Sutapa Basu captivated the audience. The discussion provided a tantalising teaser of the book, arousing the curiosity of the young audience about its intriguing plot and fascinating characters.

Ms Joshi, known for her dynamic interaction with students, seamlessly facilitated a lively dialogue with Ms Sutapa Basu. They discussed the inspiration for the book, how its characters were  developed and the immersive setting of the story in the jungle which forms the crux of the narrative. The young attendees, seated in great excitement, were eager to learn more about the book’s genre, the style of writing, and the vivid portrayal of the jungle where the story unfolds.

Adding an element of educational enrichment to the event, Mr Shayan Basu, noted wildlife photographer, made a compelling presentation before the book was unveiled. He provided the young audience with fascinating insights of the types of jungles and their diverse inhabitants. His talk on the alarm calls made by various animals to warn other animals about the presence of predators, particularly the tiger, was especially enthralling. The children listened with rapt attention to the alarm calls of various animals like the monkey, deer, sambhar, and peacock, creating a vivid auditory experience of the jungle's communication system.

The interactive session that followed was testament to the children's keen interest in the book. They posed numerous questions about the writing style, the specific jungle depicted in the book, and the overall theme of the story. Ms Basu responded with enthusiasm, appreciating the curiosity and engagement of her young readers.

In conclusion, the book launch of "Murder in the Jungle" was a resounding success, blending literary excitement with educational enrichment. The young audience left the event eager to read the  author's  latest offering but also with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world depicted within its pages. The collaboration between Niyogi Publishers and Eureka Bookstore, along with the insightful contributions of Ms Tania Joshi and Mr Shayan Basu, made the event a memorable experience for all the attendees.