Career Counselling workshop for classes 9 and 10 by Mr Jitin Chawla

On April 23, 2024, our School hosted a career counselling workshop for the students of IX and X, facilitated by Mr Jitin Chawla, who heads one of the nation's leading career counselling agencies. His agency assists thousands of students annually in making well-informed career decisions. The workshop aimed to empower students with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed choices regarding their future careers. Additionally, several parents volunteered to participate in the workshop.

The workshop comprised several interactive sessions. It commenced with quizzes and exercises for attending parents to help them recognise the career options suitable for their children. Following initial assessment, students were introduced to a diverse range of career options, including unconventional and emerging fields tailored to their interests. Practical aspects of career planning were emphasised, with students learning about setting SMART goals ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) and devising a roadmap to realise their career aspirations.

The workshop provided valuable insights for students, including an increased understanding of the importance of goal-setting and creating a structured plan to achieve their career goals. The workshop received positive feedback from both students and teachers. Students reported feeling more confident about their career choices and better equipped to navigate their future steps. Teachers acknowledged the workshop's effectiveness in fostering self-discovery and career awareness.

In conclusion, the workshop was a resounding success, empowering students to help take control of their future careers. With the provision of self-assessment tools and exposure to diverse career options, the workshop served as a catalyst for informed decision-making and proactive career planning.