Class 7 visits the Pradhanmantri Sanghralaya

On 7 May 2024, a hundred students of class VII of The Indian School embarked on an educational excursion to the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya at Teen Murti Bhawan. The objective of this trip was to expose students to the political history of their country and the contributions of our various prime ministers since Pandit Nehru. Accompanied by four teachers, the students started from School at 8:30 a.m. in high spirits. 

The museum tour was divided into several sections. The students were guided through interactive displays, photographs and audio-visual presentations showcasing pivotal moments in Indian political history. Students learned abou landmark points in Indian history, including the drafting of the Indian constitution and India's transition to a republic. They gained insights into the working of democracy in India and the significance of constitutional amendments in shaping the nation's governance.

A highlight of the visit was the exploration of Jawaharlal Nehru's life, offering glimpses into his daily routines through recreated spaces including his living quarters. The students were curious to view historical artefacts such as a handwritten copy of Nehru's famous speech ‘ A Tryst with Destiny’ and letters of historic importance.

The students were fascinated by the ‘Toshakhana’, which showcased gifts received by Indian prime ministers from dignitaries and leaders worldwide over the years. They were intrigued by the detailed artefacts and sculptures that represented the diverse cultures and diplomatic relations between India and other nations.

Furthermore, the museum highlighted India's technological advancements and achievements, from space exploration (including the Chandrayaan missions) to the latest civil development in her cities. These exhibits underscored India's progress and its aspirations on the global stage.

Overall, the excursion was an enriching experience that not only deepened the students' understanding of India's political landscape but also instilled a sense of pride in the nation's accomplishments.