Classes 11 and 12 attend Open House at IIIT

The Indian School sent a team of 20 students from classes 11 and 12 to participate in the Open House-campus exploration and a special session on life at and after IIITD ( Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi) on 15 June 2024. Vice-principal Dr Anu Singh and Ms Sumi Dennis accompanied the group. 

The campus tour, which commenced at 9 am on a sunny Saturday morning, was a fascinating journey of exploration. The starting point was the impressive C-102, the largest lecture hall on the campus. The tour, brimming with student enthusiasm, offered a glimpse into the campus's vast array of facilities and its vibrant student life. The top floor of the building consisted of an area dedicated to telescopes for space exploration and other related research events, highlighting the commitment to high-end research. The tour also covered options for commerce and humanities students catering to comprehensive interests.
The visitors discovered that the campus also embraces a diverse range of student societies such as MadToes- the dance society, AudioBytes- the music society, Salt&Pepper- the creative society, Tasveer- the photography club, Finnexia- finance and marketing, LDA- for literature, debates, and more, along with the technical clubs for sustainable development, women empowerment, problem-solving, designing, robotics and cyber security. This inclusive environment ensures there is a place for everyone! 
The RnD or Research and Development building was the highlight of the tour. The building, which the students explored with great interest, is organised by floors, and each level is dedicated to individual research labs and experimental areas. Electronic research, computer science research, computational biology, mathematics, and social sciences, there is a department for all! High-end machinery is available for student use and is dedicated to helping the students discover the best of their abilities. The building also consists of some lecture halls and faculty lounge areas for student-professor interactions. 
The tour concluded with an orientation session in lecture hall C-102, where students were informed about future academic trends, curriculum, and diverse cultures and programmes offered at IIITD. 

The students were introduced to the mentorship programmes available for those in their third and fourth years, as well as TA-ships, which can provide salary-based or credit-based rewards per course, supporting both financial and academic growth. 

The institution also offers a 2+2 joint degree programme in collaboration with the State University of SUNY, Albany, providing 10 seats for existing students at IIITD. Upon completion of the degree requirements of both universities, students are to receive a collaborative degree in B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) and BS (Bachelor of Science). 

The institution's comprehensive approach to education and industry trends, including broad courses in the first year to help students discover their interests and guaranteed placements across India and abroad, was also highlighted.
In the end, the students also interacted with Twisha Kacker, alumnus of their own School, about academic life at IIITD and beyond. 

This detailed campus tour thoroughly explained the facilities, educational environment, and extracurricular opportunities, showcasing the institution's commitment to student growth and development.
All in all, our students returned with beaming smiles, hope, and motivation, expressing their overwhelmingly positive feedback about the event. They were filled with the potential of finding a place for themselves on this campus, a testament to the resounding success of the Open House event!