Classes 9 and 11 attend workshop on new frontiers in Defence technology

“Creativity is thinking of new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Theodore Levitt.

The extensive application of AI-based technology in the defence sector covers  training, surveillance, logistics, cyber security, UAV, advanced military weaponry like LAWS, autonomous combat vehicles and robots.

Select students from classes IX and XI received an exciting opportunity to attend DefConnect 2024, at the Manekshaw Centre on 4 March.

DefConnect aims at producing around 30 deep-tech critical and strategic technologies in a projected time frame to meet the requirements of the modern armed forces and the capabilities of the defence innovation ecosystem.

The framework enables military personnel to collaborate with innovators via a co-development paradigm. This partnership guides innovation and ensures that innovations are seamlessly integrated into current systems.

The event commenced with a discussion by a panel of women entrepreneurs as a part of a larger conversation about diversity and inclusion in defence entrepreneurship. The conversation focused on the critical role of women in influencing the future of defence innovation. The panel featured prominent speakers from the Department of Space, the Indian Air Force, financial organisations and start-ups. 

The event was graced by Defence Minister,  Shri Rajnath Singh. He launched the Acing Development of Innovative Technologies with iDEX (ADITI). This project was announced to foster innovations in essential and strategic mi technologies. Under the plan, start-ups can obtain a grant-in-aid of up to Rs 25 crore for defence technology research, development, and innovation. ‘The scheme will foster youth innovation and help the country leap forward in the field of technology,’ asserted the Defence Minister while speaking to a group of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, and politicians. He also mentioned the importance of reducing the dependency of India in buying arms, warfare equipment etc from other countries and provided encouragement to create these in India. This was a nod to create an “Atma Nirbhar Bharat" as our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has maintained.

After the vote of thanks, the students were free to visit the exhibits which showed how India has greatly improved her defence technology. The company Thermaissance manufactures clothes using nanotechnology which helps to regulate body temperature. This is useful for the defence personnel who are usually transferred from hot areas to cold areas. The brand FC Technergy created a battery which is silent and can run for eight hours as opposed to the usual two hours. This is helpful for its use in tanks and othe vehicles used in the defence sector. The smallest battery is only 1.5 kgs! The brand Galex Eye space creates satellites which have many features, and another brand created a technology which helps devices like drones to prevent collision. There was also a brand which made an individual protection system which has a bulletproof jacket and gives live location feed and the health status of the soldier.

After a hearty lunch, the students headed back to School, armed with the knowledge and inspiration to create new products for the country and to make life more comfortable for our soldiers. They also developed new respect for the soldiers who protect the country round the clock, staying away from their families to keep our country safe.

By Ashwini Prakash, IX C