Craft workshop for classes 4 and 5

Ms Rajini Jain of Pidilite orchestrated an engaging workshop on 4th May, 2024, targeting the bright minds of classes 4 and 5. The focal point of her workshop was a hands-on activity centred around crafting personalised fridge magnets in celebration of Mother's Day. Armed with an array of craft materials, the children delved into the creative process under her guidance.

The workshop was attended by 200 children of classes 4 and 5 along with their teachers. Students were asked to carry a kit containing a 4" round cardboard base, a corresponding round white sheet and a pack of Mould It clay for sculpting. They were to also carry vibrant Fevicryl acrylic or pastel colours to add flair, fabric glue for securing components, talcom powder for texture, an assortment of brushes for painting precision, a single Ohp sheet and a black marker for detailing. The students were also asked to carry a magnet piece for functionality, and necessary auxiliary tools like a colour palette, pencil, ruler, scissors, water container, waste cloth and newspaper to maintain a tidy workspace. With the stage set and creativity unfettered, Ms Jain guided the students through the intricate process of crafting their  magnets. 

First, the children affixed the round cardboard onto the white sheet, creating a sturdy foundation for their artistic endeavours. Then, utilising the pliable Mould It clay, they sculpted delightful shapes and figures, infusing each piece with their unique vision and innovativeness. As the clay creations took form, the children dipped their brushes into the vibrant acrylic colours, carefully painting each detail with precision and panache. The Fevicryl colours breathed life into their designs, transforming mundane shapes into vibrant works of art. With fabric glue as their adhesive ally, they secured their clay masterpieces onto the cardboard base, ensuring durability and longevity. 

As the workshop drew to a close, the auditorium buzzed with excitement and satisfaction, each child proudly displaying his or her handcrafted masterpiece.