Honours at Jal Itihaas awards

On March 22, 2024, a group of 12 class VII students and two teachers, Ms Radhika Prabhaker and Ms Kaajal Manchanda, attended an award ceremony to recognise the participating students of the Jal-Itihaas activities conducted by ITIHAAS, a trust promoting Heritage, Education and Tourism

The Indian School was honoured with the prestigious ‘Blue School Certificate’ for the year 2024-25 issued by the National Water Mission, Government of India, in recognition of its successful programme implementation. The concept of the Blue School Certificate is borrowed from schools in Switzerland, indicating the school's commitment to water sensitivity and conservation.

The event began with n address by Ms Smita Vats, founder-director, emphasising the significance of water conservation and our collective responsibility towards this. Using examples such as the ongoing water crisis in Bangalore, she highlighted the urgency of the matter. Following this, the activities conducted through the year were reviewed. From creating a water dictionary to composing songs and jingles, the students seemed to have gained valuable insights into the importance of preserving this invaluable resource.

A presentation showcased the various initiatives that students from different schools undertook through the year, ranging from outdoor campaigns to small-scale activities conducted within the classroom.

Following the presentation, the organisers warmly welcomed the students and teachers, inviting them to share their experiences with Jal-Itihaas. Our students took the opportunity to express their learnings from the year-long initiative.

Following a short intermission, students from the involved schools were individually summoned to be presented with certificates acknowledging their role as 'Water Warriors'. Mr P Sreenivasan, board member of Itihaas, stepped onto the stage to encourage the students to chronicle their encounters and disseminate them throughout the broader community. The teachers were then invited to collect 'Blue Certificates' on behalf of their respective schools.

Ms Smrita Vats then wrapped up the event by urging students to contribute to water conservation efforts to the best of their abilities. The event left a lasting impression on all the students, who cherished the experience. The students have gained a newfound enthusiasm for water conservation initiatives.