Middle School visits Museum of Memories

The visit to the ‘Museum of Memories’ on 18 June 2024, was a poignant experience for a group of 23 students and 2 teachers, Ms Sandhya Batheja and Ms Kajal Sarkar. Located at Triveni Kala Sangam, the exhibition organised by Greenpeace India, aimed to shed light on the devastating impacts of heatwaves through personal stories and artefacts.

Greenpeace India is a non-profit organisation dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation. It operates through non-violent, creative campaigns and is supported entirely by individual donors in India. The exhibition sought to humanise climate statistics by emphasising the personal and emotional toll of heatwaves. It showcases real life stories of resilience, suffering and hope.

Among the notable displays was ‘Bittu’s Toy Truck’. Highlighted was a toy truck belonging to Bittu, a young boy from Manjhave, Jharkhand, who tragically lost his life during a heatwave in April 2023. The artefact serves as a poignant reminder of the personal losses beneath the statistics.

The students were particularly drawn to the photo stories of journalist Bhumika Saraswati, which depicted the impact of heatwaves on women, showcasing their struggles and resilience.

The students engaged in an interactive discussion with Amruta SN, a campaigner at Greenpeace India, who stressed the urgency of recognising heatwaves as a national disaster. She emphasised the need for proactive measures to mitigate their impact. The teachers facilitated discussions on climate change implications and the role of environmental activism, broadening the students' understanding and engagement.

The visit had a profound effect on the students, fostering empathy towards those affected by heatwaves and a strong commitment to climate advocacy. Teachers noted that the exhibition effectively raised awareness about the severity of heatwaves among students. It inspired discussions on climate justice and the role of the youth in driving environmental change.

The "Museum of Memories" exhibit by Greenpeace India left a lasting impression on the students and teachers alike. It not only highlighted the urgency of addressing the heatwave crisis but also underscored the human stories behind climate change statistics. The visit inspired a collective commitment among the group to support environmental advocacy efforts and emphasised the importance of proactive measures to protect vulnerable communities.

Overall, the exhibition served as a powerful reminder of the tangible impacts of climate change and reinforced the group's responsibility towards environmental stewardship and climate justice initiatives.