Orientation Programme (2024-25) for Classes X and XII

On March 14th 2024, an orientation programme was conducted for the upcoming batches of classes 10 and 12 for the academic session 2024–25. The parents were warmly welcomed by Principal, Ms Tania Joshi, who addressed the need for support and encouragement to be provided to the students by their parents and reiterated the importance of instilling discipline in the children who are still at an impressionable age.

The code of conduct and School rules were extensively reiterated by Vice Principal, Dr Anu Singh. Emphasis was laid on adhering to School timings, wearing the School uniform appropriately, regular attendance, timely submission of medical applications and using the School almanac for communication. The structure of assessment for classes 10 and 12 was also shared with the parents. The exercise was to ensure a conducive learning environment for all students.

There was also a talk by School counsellor Ms Meghna Joshi on the importance of nurturing the children in this important phase in their school lives. The key message focused on asking the parents to ground their anxieties so that they become psychologically equipped to support their children. In addition to that, she also laid emphasis on ongoing conversations that focus on not just studies but the other areas of their lives which are perhaps more crucial, as an emotionally supported and facilitated child is more equipped to take on challenges in their strides.

The programme concluded with the parents proceeding for the PTCD, where they engaged in discussions with the teachers regarding their children's academic progress.