Pre primary welcomes the Spring at a special assembly

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” Jessica Harrelson 

On 23 February 2024, the students of Pre-Primary presented a special assembly on the Spring in the School auditorium. Mahnoor of PP Orion welcomed everyone and very confidently spoke about the happiness the season brings with it, the beauty of nature, the flora and fauna. It appears that a magic wand has touched the entire landscape.

This was followed by a wonderful song and dance performance- 'Spring is Here' by select students of the Pre primary sections. All the children were seen dancing on the stage to the melody resounding with the sounds  of spring. The children wore head gear and carried props to make for a a spectacular performance.

Amyra of PP Merak was seen with blue wings dancing like a blue bird, Ayushi of PP Orion came dressed as a bumble bee, M H Vanochhingia of PP Leo walked smartly on stage as a lady bug, Revanshi looked beautiful as a butterfly, Vanya and Sarbaz jumped like the frog trying to scare away the flies on the stage. Many children donned flower headgear like the rose, sunflower, marigold, lily, tulip, violet, daisy and the daffodil. 

Adarsh and Nayanika recited a poem on the Spring followed by a melodious song titled ‘Aaya Basant'. The assembly culminated with a delightful dance performance set to the folk song from Assam- ‘Jhilmil Liye Jaye Re'. Principal, Ms Tania Joshi and Head Teacher, Ms Vandana Tewari, appreciated the spectacular performance of the children.