Special Assembly on International Press Freedom Day

On May 3rd 2024, a special assembly was organised  by the students of class 5D in  the School auditorium, on the occasion of International Press Freedom Day. They discussed the importance of journalism as the fourth pillar of democracy and emphasised the need to always respect privacy and dignity of others.

A Hindi debate was held for the students of classes 4 and 5, allowing them to freely express their thoughts on the topics- Online Shiksha Humein Hai Bhaati, Padhaee Ke Saath-Saath Masti Bhi Ho Jaati, Nanhi Si Jaan Ko Kitna Hai Kaam, Grihkarya Band Karo Hey Bhagwaan and Uniform Hai Ek Bandhan, Isse Chhutkara Chahte Hain Hum. Ten children participated and Dr Shikha Sharma (Head of the Hindi Department) and Ms Kajal Soni served as jury members. Dr Sharma advised the participants to speak fluently and choose words suitable for their age. 

In the debate, Mehar Arora (5-E) claimed the First Position representing Indra House, while Naina Sharma (5-B) secured the Second Position, also representing Indra House. 

The debate provided a valuable learning experience for the children, who expressed gratitude to all involved.