Teacher workshop on Creative Classrooms

Teacher mentorship programmes play a crucial role in supporting the professional growth and development of educators. By fostering collaboration, providing guidance, and promoting continuous learning, mentorship programmes contribute to creating a culture of excellence within schools and ultimately enhance student learning outcomes. Mentorship is not only beneficial for novice teachers but also for experienced educators who take on the role of mentors.

Almost 80  teachers of Pre Primary to class 8 got an opportunity to brush up their skills on 27 May 2024 in the School auditorium. The resource person of the day was  Dr N Madhuri Parti, a visionary educationist with over two decades of experience in transforming educational frameworks and leading innovative schools. 

The programme commenced with an invocation, "Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena”. This was followed by an ice breaking session with an innovative game of  “Clay and Sculptor” that not only energised the participants but also laid the foundation about the key features of the workshop.

The workshop unfolded its agenda with  teaching methods which fill the classroom with fun and glee. To engage each and every learner, the methodologies must be unique, with less input that can deliver the maximum outcomes. The speaker shared an interesting example of Tambola where instead of speaking out the numbers in a straightforward way, mathematical expressions can be used. For example the number 22, can be announced as the double of 11. Such interesting presentations not only help the learner as mental math but also engage the classroom at large.

As we plan lessons, it must be kept in mind we need to upgrade our learners from a level of understanding to a level of creativity. The participants delivered their creativity and unfastened the childlike spirit in them with the game based on “Old MacDonald’s Farm” where each group composed a poem depicting a certain quality of an animal along with painting a logo.

As the curtains came down on the session, the participants acknowledged that they had received a new perceptive to deliver their lessons with greater effectiveness.