Citizenship Programme workshop on dangers of social media

SpreadLaw is an organisation that conducts workshops in schools to spread awareness about the basics of the legal system. The focus of concern is the ignorance of our youth about the dangers of loosely sharing opinions on the social media.

On 31st August 2017, The Citizenship Programme invited Mr. Sumit Nagpal of SpreadLaw accompanied by his fellow advocates to our School. The aim was an interactive session with them on the thin line between the legal and the illegal aspects of posting comments on the different platforms available on the internet.

Mr. Nagpal started the session with an orientation to students of Class 10 and 11 explaining how the use of the internet /whatsapp can be dangerous if done without caution and care. The speakers talked about how any post on the internet can be used against the author of it as tangible evidence. Deleting or merely forwarding of such material can account to legal action and can be presented as evidence in the court of law.

Rather than broadly talking of laws that govern this, the visitors displayed the specific sections of the law and their legal terminology to help us exactly understand what falls within the ambit of these laws, and how it can apply and penalise. Sections of the IPC such as 299, 505, 499 and others that talk of sedition, defamation and inciting violence at a public forum against the government or a specific individual, were explained.

The speakers highlighted the fine line between criticism, the promotion of hatred/agitation and the freedom of speech. The session was extremely informative and helped us learn the difference between the use of internet for fun and how easily the casual use of social media platforms can get us into legal trouble.
This workshop was definitely an eye-opener for the students as well as the teachers with regard to comprehending the gravity of the image we attempt to portray of ourselves on any social media platform!

There was a question answer session after which Dr. Anu Singh offered a vote of thanks.
Reva Kalra & Avantika Chodha, Class 11