Citizenship Programme lecture: Compassion for animals by New Delhi Nature Society- classes 5-7

On Monday 23RD July 2018, Mr. Verhaen Khanna ( alumnus of The Indian School) representing New Delhi Nature Society visited School to spread awareness on how and why we should be compassionate towards animals on the occasion of Environment Week.

With a detailed PPT, Verhaen explained the work done by Society, including the need to improve air quality ( this workshop was conducted at our School in 2017), their initiative to support the drive against the felling of trees in Delhi (our children participated in the tree climbing activity at Netaji Nagar recently), and the work they do to preserve the natural wildlife in our Capital.

Through detailed visual aids, he briefed the children on the basic do’s and don’ts for dealing with many common animals/pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, donkeys, horses, bees, elephants, cows, bats and frogs. He explained the negative and positive signs of body language and the importance of each animal and the value of wildlife in general. He also briefly described examples of animal cruelty in our daily lives and cautioned the children to take care.

Some students shared stories of how they have helped/ rescued animals in their neighbourhoods and asked questions on how to deal with stray cats and dogs, all these were patiently answered by Verhaen.

The workshop concluded with a commitment pledged by the students- they promised they would be more sensitive and compassionate towards animals. Ms. S. Aswani offered a vote of thanks.