Class 8 views the cosmos at Nehru Planetarium

On 15 May 2024, forty-nine students of class VIII embarked on an exciting educational trip to the Nehru Planetarium. They were accompanied by two teachers. The students were greeted by a fascinating array of exhibits. These displays served as knowledge fountains, showcasing models of the Jantar Mantar, an ancient astronomical observatory and other interactive exhibits that simulated the principles of physics at play in the universe.

The students then eagerly entered the theatre, a vast space with a dome-shaped roof that serves as the projection screen. The comfortable reclining seats were a welcome perk, and soon enough, all the students settled in for the presentation.

The show commenced with a brief introduction of the planetarium itself, followed by a captivating exploration of the night sky and its constellations. Students learned about Earth, the cradle of life and were transported on a visual journey through the vastness of the universe, witnessing the birth of our solar system.

The captivating show concluded, leaving the students brimming with newfound knowledge and wonder. The bus ride back to School was filled with lively discussions and a renewed sense of awe for the mysteries of space. This visit proved to be an enriching learning experience, igniting interest in astronomy and the wonders that lie beyond our planet.