Dr Amidas Goradia Intra school annual Badminton Tournament

The 7th Dr. Amidas Goradia Memorial Badminton Tournament, held from May 6 to 9, 2024, witnessed an intense contest between the talented shuttlers from The Indian School. Through the tournament, there were exhilarating matches that showcased the remarkable skills and unwavering competitive spirit of the participants. The tournament was undoubtedly a resounding success. The organisers, participants, and spectators alike contributed to the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring its place as a memorable milestone in the chronicles of School level badminton history.


Girls Singles:

  • Charvie Kadyan (X B) emerged as the champion in the Girls Singles category, displaying exceptional prowess and determination on the courts.

  • Manvi Panwar (XII E) secured the Second Position, demonstrating commendable skill and resilience.

  • Shambhavi Singh (XI C) showcased remarkable talent, clinching the Third Position in a fiercely contested competition.

Boys Singles:

  • Anush Malik (XII A) exhibited outstanding skill and strategy, claiming the Top Spot in the Boys Singles category.

  • Abhav Bhardwaj (IX B) showcased remarkable talent, securing the Second Position with his exceptional performance.

  • Harshil Jain (XII B) displayed commendable skill and determination, finishing Third in a highly competitive field.

Boys Doubles:

  • Arhan Bhargava (X A) and Ansh Singh (X A) formed a formidable duo, clinching the Top Position in the Boys Doubles category.

  • Manan Virmani (X D) and Abhimanyu Singh (X D) demonstrated excellent teamwork and coordination, securing the Second Position.

  • Harshil Jain and Hardik Ahlawat (XII B) exhibited remarkable synergy, claiming the Third Position in a closely contested event.

Girls Doubles:

  • Disha Verma (X A)/Samiya Khurana (X A) showcased exceptional teamwork and skill, securing the Top Position in the Girls Doubles category.

  • Manvi Panwar (XII E)/Aanya V R Pillai (XII D) formed a formidable partnership, clinching the Second Position with their stellar performance.

  • Soumya Kashyap (IX D)/Simran Kapoor (XII E) exhibited commendable coordination and determination, finishing third in a competitive field.

Mixed Doubles:

  • Harshil Jain/Prabhleen Kaur (XII B) formed a dynamic duo, showcasing exceptional chemistry and skill to claim the Top Position in the Mixed Doubles category.

  • Disha Verma (X A)/Jatin Verma (X B): displayed remarkable coordination and strategy, securing the Second Position.

  • Hardik Ahlawat (XII B)/Ashiwini Prakash (X A) exhibited commendable teamwork and resilience, finishing Third in an intense competition.