Pre primary visits the National Rail Museum

On 28th February 2024, students of the Pre primary visited the National Rail Museum located at Chanakyapuri. It was a pleasant Wednesday morning and the children were brimming with excitement. The objective of the trip was to provide an enriching educational experience and an opportunity for the young students to explore the world of trains and railways. During the visit, the teacher explained the benefits of the railways in our country, that it is the main mode of transport that economically connects many remote areas of India with the major towns. 

The children were amazed to see the extensive outdoor gallery, houses, variety of steam diesel, and electric locomotives. The indoor gallery drew the attention of the students where they saw a display of remarkable stories related to early modes of transportation. 

The major attraction of the museum was the joy train. Students enjoyed riding on it around the museum.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and enriching experience for the students.