Citizenship talk by Mr Ravi Kalra, Founder, The Earth Saviours Foundation.

In the race to secure a place and survive in this fast paced world, we sometimes forget our moral responsibilities towards the society and to that extent our personalities stay incomplete. Sadly, this realisation is largely rare amongst most people.

One exception is Mr. Ravi Kalra, who visited our School on 8 July 2016. He led a comfortable life, until a few incidents drew him to realise the desperate plight of people, either abandoned by their families or physically disabled and thus are compelled to simply seek shelter on the streets.
He thus established The Earth Saviours’ Foundation which provides shelter and care to such people.

Mr. Kalra discussed the significance of social service with the students of classes 8 and 9 as a part of our Citizenship Programme and how we are blessed to be able and privileged. How can we look away then, from lending our support to those not as lucky?

We became acquainted with his profound charitable work through a video clip and were in awe on discovering about the painful personal sacrifices Mr. Kalra made for his cause.

Towards the end, he also handed us ‘Do Not Honk’ stickers, to deliver the message of sensitivity towards the issue of noise pollution.

By working for people around us, we not only share happiness, but also collect bountiful blessings, we were reminded. I now understood why the timeless lesson has prevailed- ‘Service to mankind is service to God’!

As reported by Gauri Awasthi, IX-D.

Parent feedback:

A session with Mr Ravi Kalra left an amazing impact on my child Shivinder Singh Bahl of class 9D; he learnt about unconditional love for parents and the importance of sewa. I think sessions like this should be organised more often to explain to our children the importance of moral values, including the qualities of respecting elders at home , helping the helpless and those in distress in society. Thank you, Ms. Aswani for organising such a wonderful workshop.

Jyoti Bahl, parent.