Citizenship Programme- workshop on air pollution classes 4-8

On Monday 25th September 2017, Verhaen Khanna (alumni of our School) accompanied by 5 members of his mission, New Delhi Nature Society interacted with the students of classes 4-8 to spread awareness on how students can contribute to better air quality specially during Diwali time.

With the help of a detailed PPT, they explained that Diwali is a festival of lights/diyas. Firecrackers have no significance for this festival as per the scriptures. They explained how the different colours in fire crackers are obtained by using different harmful chemicals. Some common problems caused are skin allergies, breathing problems, damage to eyes and ears, and lethargy.

As we know, our capital is presently one of the most polluted cities in the world and the air pollution level is alarmingly 999 during Diwali. (The acceptable level is 51-100.) The effects of nose pollution from fire crackers on pets and the elderly was also pointed out with the help of a slide.

The children were asked how long they could survive in a closed room if one burst fire crackers inside? The answer was ‘ not more than a few minutes’!

Following the interesting brainstorming session, the children volunteered that they would now celebrate Diwali by sharing sweetmeats, wearing new clothes, handcrafting paper crackers, lighting diyas and planting trees. If they must, they would burn a limited few fireworks at a fixed hour in their community so that the pollution is restricted. The children pledged ‘SAY NO TO CRACKERS’.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Sangeeta Aswani. Mr. Khanna and his team were presented with souvenirs made by the Shramdaan project.

Ms. Sangeeta Aswani.