Motivational Talk- Citizenship Programme

An assistant professor at Delhi University and visually disabled by birth, 36 years old Ms Smriti Singh is the perfect example of how one can overcome disabilities to live a normal life. Blinded from malnutrition at an early age, Ms. Singh spoke to the students about her struggle for survival, and for education, and how she handled competition when she got a scholarship at the prestigious Lady Shriram College. The talk was held at our School on 3 August, 2019.

She climbed the ladder of success despite many of her study books not being available in Braille or as audio tapes. Often she would record the lectures in class and keep playing the recordings for better comprehension, learning and recapitulation. At other times she would lean on her friends to read to her at a time convenient to them as she could not afford to pay a professional reader.


Since her college years, Ms. Singh has worked with slum children and visually challenged women in villages. She is now married with two children. However her efforts continues as she battles for equality for her daughter who is suffering from Congenital Pseudo Bone disesase. Again, she strives for equality for her daughter in every field from education to sport.

A hands-on mother, she is extremely active in the upbringing of both her children and is responsible for her parents. She has three publications to her credit.

Ms. Singh explained in detail , the difficulties she faced and advised our students never to pity a disabled person rather treat them as equals and grant them equal opportunities.

Disability is not always by birth alone. It can also come with age for eg., losing ones’ eyesight/hearing/ mobility in old age. She urged all the children to spend time with their grandparents and even volunteering to take care of a special child if the mother needs time off for housework. These little acts of empathy will go a long way in making the community a better place to live in.