Multiple honours at inter school Ideators' Conclave

Students with a competitive spirit of The Indian School took part in the 7th Edition of the Jim Corbett - Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant - FG Pearce Young Ideators’ Conclave 2024, hosted by Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital from May 1 to May 3, 2024. The event aimed to stimulate critical thinking and creativity, drawing enthusiastic participation from schools nationwide. The conclave featured five distinct events - Multi Format English Debates, General Quiz, English Creative Writing, Art Installation, and Living Newspaper Enactment, presenting a diverse array of challenges to the talented young participants.

Accompanied by Ms. Priyanka, 8 students showcased their skills across these events: Niyati Khurana (XII-E), Zavaibah Akhtar (XII-A), Aditya Ranjan (X-B), Anahita Upadhyay (X-A), Ansh Singh (X-A), Disha Verma (X-A), Shiksha Dwivedi (X-A), and Mansha Dwivedi (XII-B).

In the Multi Format Debate, Niyati and Zavaibah presented compelling arguments on the topics “THBI Copyright vs Copyleft” and “THBI After 200 Days of Palestine, We Still Haven’t Learnt Anything After Two World Wars”. They were awarded the Third Prize, along with medals and certificates.

Mansha  Shiksha and Disha showcased a captivating abstract art piece along with a corresponding video on the theme 'A Day in Gaza,' earning them the Best Edit Award for the video.

For the Living Newspaper Enactment, Anahita, Aditya, Disha, and Ansh brought newspaper articles on “Weather News” to life through a riveting performance, securing the Third Prize. Ansh's rap song on ‘Corruption in India’, earned him the Best Performer title.

In the Creative Writing category, Niyati and Zavaibah crafted promising pieces of slam poetry.

Anahita and Aditya showcased their intellect in the General Quiz, battling a barrage of questions.

Our students had the opportunity to exhibit their talents against the stunning backdrop of Nainital's natural beauty during this conclave. It proved to be a deeply enriching and memorable experience for them, as they not only brought home the accolades they earned but also carried with them a deeper understanding of the history and significance of the place, which added immense value to their learning journey.