Alumni meet 2014

Fulfilments, failures, triumphs and torment, freely ferry between soul mates from School as our alumni return to the School each year amidst the navratra festivity!

On the merry and vibrant evening of 10th October, 2014, School hosted its annual alumni reunion. Students of classes 10, 11, and 12 assembled in enthusiasm and anticipation to welcome back their seniors at School.

A breathtaking ‘carpet’ of salt-rangoli in brilliant colours interspersed with quietly gleaming clay diyas was spread across the steps and lobby in welcome. The executive body of The Indian School Alumni Association, namely, Shivam Mehta, Sasha Samuel, Anubha Saggar, Ansh Kumar and Mrinal Aggarwal were in attendance. The dress code expectedly ethnic.

The occasion commenced with a pulsating repeat-performance of our School’s entry at Malhaar this year! The energy and the innovative garba-raas made a spectacle and was the right start to set the mood for the evening!

Soon teachers joined the students of past and present to swing and turn, proceed and retreat, repeatedly, in concentric circles as the dandiya rhythm rose. The richly textured skirts twirled in ravishing regularity as the mirrors embedded in them embodied the reflecting lights.

Nostalgia nestled knowingly and scarcely any could hide the film in their eyes. The evening was charged and across the nine batches of alumni, the return to School was overwhelming. Treats of aloo tikki, pao bhaji, papri chaat and ice tea tickled our taste buds!

As in the past years, this reunion brought back innumerable memories and joyously we mingled to share and bond. In the fond and secure portals of our beloved School.

Ojasvi Jain, XII B.