Farewell 2015

“It’s always harder to be left behind than to be the one to go” As the slideshow with all the photographs capturing the beautiful moments we spent together as students of our beloved School was being played, the quote never felt more apt!

Weeks of practice, hard work from the art, music, drama and the dance departments was needed to put on the special show bidding adieu to the students of Class 12 on 25 January, 2014.

The theme was a cruise ship and the auditorium was decorated with balloons, glitter, cut-outs and everything we could think of! As the students of class 12 entered, they were greeted with loud shouts of “Bon Voyage” !

Hosted by Pritha Ray and Anish Bhat, the farewell began with an elaborate dance performance choreographed by Surbhi Bhatt which received much appreciation from us students as well as our teachers.

The music department played it’s part by singing some popular numbers Hilarious skits by Karan Kalra, Ankur Bajaj, Anish Bhat , Saryam Narula and others followed which left the graduating students amused! It was hardly very surprising that Luvditya Khurana and Meghlayana Banerjee overwhelmed us all with trademark contemporary dance. Exciting and energetic dance performances followed on popular Bollywood songs which got everyone involved.

As has been practiced for many years at our School, each graduating student was given a title to match the personality. The most awaited Mr. and Ms. Indianite were presented to Ansh Kumar and Anubha Saggar respectively. Kyraa Manchandani received the Style Icon ( Female) award and Sahil Sarna was given the Style Icon (Male) award.

As the evening drew to an end a heart-wrenching farewell speech delivered by Akhilesh Mukerji left many glassy-eyed.

We hope that our effort made a memorable evening. On ‘The Cruise of Life’ itself, we wish them all the luck they will need.

Ahan Ghosh XIC