Farewell 2016-17

“We’re all stars wrapped in skin, the light we’re looking for lies within.”

A Sky Full of Stars – Farewell 2016-17 took place on 26th January 2016 in the School auditorium. The programme was a customary celebration organised by class XI, to offer a fitting farewell to the departing seniors.

The evening began with an Indian and western music performance by the choir students who soulfully sang a variety of sentimental songs to enthral their colleagues. These were interspersed with dance performances by the adept dancers of the batch.

A video created as a chain of School memories played out to a wave of nostalgia as screams of delight frequently broke the sentimental silences. Tabish Hussain, Aueshic Das and Mubashshir Ali of class XII spoke to lead everyone present, back down the corridors of memory. Most eyes turned glassy as the pangs of the imminent separation now loomed very large.

A delightful role play in mime by a group of class XI students stole the show recreating moments spent in humour and horror! There were peals of laughter, only stopped short by an utterly endearing ode to the seniors, read out as a letter by one of the students. Several stole glances to hid the tears. Others let the tears run.

Each student of class XII received a title, as it were, describing in a dash the way the person would be best remembered by the juniors! The Style Icons for the evening were Muskan Anand and Angad Singh Sandhu, who received their coveted plaques from our vice-principals and the class teachers. The title of Mr. Indianite went to Shubham Airi, while Tanya Gupta was named Ms. Indianite. The students of class XII then proceeded to cut the customary cake with Principal Ms. Tania Joshi, followed by refreshments.

It had been an evening where magical
memories were made.

Ms. Priya Arun.