Model United Nations 2015

The Indianite Model United Nations 2015 was conducted from 7 to 9 July at our School . The main objectives of this exercise are to spread awareness about contemporary issues from around the globe; to give everyone a ‘ simulated experience’, as it were, of working at the UN and to inculcate research and oratory skills in students.

262 enthusiastic students from classes 9 to 12 participated this year. Being the second issue of the IMUNE there was a challenge to make this event bigger and better than last year.

The organising committee comprising of Ms. Charu Bhatnagar, Pranati Haldia ( named Secretary General of this year’s MUN), and students of 11 and 12 rose to the challenge and did a really noteworthy task of putting together the entire three day conference.

The inclusion of International Press added realism to the committees as well as the delegates who were asked questions about their comments and the action taken during the proceedings of the committee. A number of student-volunteers formed a part of the Conference Staff to help delegates with their personal needs.

School alumni spontaneously contributed their time and experience as members of several executive boards. The Executive Board of each committee consisted of a Chairperson, a Co-Chairperson and a Rapporteur, who conducted and judged the delegates of their respective committees.

IMUNE’15 consisted of seven committees with the following agendas:

1) United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)- The US-Iran Nuclear Deal
2) United Nations Human Rights’ Council (UNHRC)- Rights of International War Refugees with Special Emphasis on the US Occupation of Afghanistan
3) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)-
(a)Addition of Five New Heritage Cities
(b)Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies in Order to Protect UNESCO World Heritage Cities
4) All India Political Parties’ Meet (AIPPM)- Upholding Freedom of Expression in Recent Times.
5) The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)- Spot Fixing in the Indian Premier League with special emphasis on the Mukul Mudgal Investigation.
6) Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)- Hours leading to the 2008 Mumbai Attack: Continuous Crisis Committee
7) The Order of the Phoenix (OOTP)- Re-stabilisation of the Wizarding World post the Second Wizarding War with special emphasis on Recapturing Rogue Death Eaters.

The delegates seemed well researched and discussed and debated their assigned agendas with confidence and conviction. The event concluded with an emotionally charged Closing Ceremony where in the students expressed their gratitude to the teachers and the organizing committee for giving them this learning platform.

The winners were honoured with certificates of merit. The awardees were as follows.

Committee Award Name
  Best Delegate Shubham Airi
  High Commendation Dishani Guha
               UNGA High Commendation Sriraag Av
  Special Mention Mubhashir Ali
  Special Mention Saruby Sharma
  Best Delegate Sahib Kohli
  Best Delegate Prathishtha Kohli
               UNHRC High Commendation Bhavika Sharma
  High Commendation Zainab Khan
  Special Mention Vidhi Hamirwasia
  Special Mention Harshini Thibu
  Best Delegate Shivali Anand
  High Commendation Satwik Mitra
               UNESCO High Commendation Samarth Saxena
  Special Mention Utkarsh Pandey
  Special Mention Sharanya Sai
Committee Award Name
  Best Delegate Saransh Grover
  High Commendation Aueshic Das
               RAW High Commendation Jaskirat S. Oberoi
  Special Mention Gitansh Satija
  Special Mention Pratham Gulati
  Best Delegate Pulkit Goyal
  High Commendation Ashween Chandok
               BCCI High Commendation Naman Sehgal
  Special Mention Sahil Safdar
  Best Delegate Ritwik Arora
  Best Delegate Alisamar Hussain
               AIPPM Best Delegate Payal Seth
  High Commendation Simran Narula
  Special Mention Simran Khurana
  Special Mention Himanshi Saini
  Best Delegate Avantika Chodha
  High Commendation Sachin Sharma
               OOTP High Commendation Devansh Sharma
  Special Mention Arham Mehta
  Special Mention Srishti Chauhan