Annual Day 28th & 29th November 2015

Dear Parents,

We slowly approach Annual Day as a fitting finale of our School theme of two years, namely ‘ The States along the Western Coast of India’ on 28 and 29 November.

As you will have seen observed, the discovery of this rich strip of our country has been joyously integrated into the curriculum, over a period of 2 academic years. A composite view of these states through their heritage, culture, costumes, folk tales and literature, music, dance, cuisine, their celebrated sons and daughters, their contributions to science and the arts etc etc has been systematically introduced to the children, age-appropriately across nursery to class 12.

This year’s annual day features the ‘ Story of India through Bollywood’. As we know, Bollywood is not only a breezy window of the rapidly-evolving outlook of Indian society over 100 years. But also a kaleidoscope of the diversity that is our country. We expect this will make a majestic culmination of our theme.

It is pertinent to point out that the Annual Day is by no means a co-curricular activity. It is an integral part of the curriculum. In fact it is a unique education. The children not only learn to emote, sing, dance or play in a band. In addition, they learn management, as they watch their teachers train and mobilise 2000 students of varied ages for a large presentation. They learn teamwork as they watch numerous minute and large responsibilities culminate. They learn to take on duties and steadfastly accomplish them in a time-bound frame. They observe drama being conceived, and the music and dance getting researched and choreographed. Needless to say, a quiet inculcation of articulation and poise can be taken as assumed, in the course of the entire exercise.

So please collaborate with us ( as you always do) and encourage your child to not let go of this invaluable opportunity of ‘edu-tainment’ ( education by entertainment). In fact we have always believed that edutainment is an extremely effective way of navigating an exhaustive curriculum to make a holistic personality. What a child enjoys is automatically learnt effortlessly.

Best wishes,